aromantic kanata
★ marcel . . .

twenty years old . aromantic asexual man ensemble stars freak

hello! i like to draw and voiceact as my favorite characters and kins/ids! you'll know more about me as you explore this site :)!!
discord: @sereinhalo

welcome to my silly little website . . . !

——————————-( ✦ )-——————————
this website is meant to host my different shrines dedicated to my fav characters/ids/media!
my interests range from warm cutesy colors to psychological horror visual novels made with mental illness representation in mind.
my main interets, however, involve the following:
marble hornets, everymanhybrid, ensemble stars, yttd, muse dash, milk-chan series, vocaloid, soul eater, the gray garden, therapy w doctor albert krueger, madoka magica and more! i can't really remember a lot of them but my interests flare up occassionally whenever talked about.
please talk to me about whatever you'd like, especially things we might both have in common!

directory and links !!

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